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Thanks for joining Maayboli Melawa Tampa Bay (MMTB).  MMTB welcomes you and your family to the group. MMTB was established in 2001 by a group of enthusiastic Marathi lovers from the Greater Tampa Bay area with the objective of providing an interface for cultural exchange and integrating the Maharashtrian community with American people while preserving our unique culture.

The main Objectives of MMTB are:    

  • To aid families, students, artists, businesspersons and visitors, originating from Maharashtra, with the way of life in America.    

  • To integrate Maharashtrian community with Florida culture and people    

  • To provide an interface for the cultural exchange in a constructive way.    

  • To help local community for charitable purpose currently there are estimated more than three hundred Marathi families in Greater Tampa Bay and growing everyday!

MMTB membership is annual membership and will remain active for 5 events.


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