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Need Your Support For Shashank


"A brilliant career thwarted by an unfortunate stroke of destiny! That’s how MMTB would describe the sad circumstances surrounding the tragedy that left this young man, Shashank, crippled. To say that he had a unique mind would not be doing him justice. A talented sitar player, singer, a self-discovered poet, a student of philosophy and law and lyricist for the band where he wrote and sang, this young man’s career was just starting to blossom when an unfortunate accident involving a wrong-way driver made the difference between a joyous, rewarding long life to a lamentable chronic bedriddenness. All through no fault of his own!!
Shashank had one of those minds that was constantly thinking, philosophizing, wondering. Both outgoing and introverted all at the same time, people were drawn to his cheerful voice and open personality. Studying law at FSU, he spent his free time looking for new experiences and went on expeditions. He was a free spirit and embodied living every day like it was the last.
On June 23, 2015, while traveling in his own car on I-75 south, Shashank was involved in a near-fatal multi-car accident involving a wrong-way driver in Henry county, Georgia. Shashank’s brother and his fiancé who were in a car ahead of him, miraculously survived. Shashank was rushed to Atlanta Medical Center ER in critical condition and transferred to the ICU. He was lucky to be alive and stayed in a coma for nearly three weeks. Due to the efforts and care of his medical team, he survived and was then transferred to Tampa General Hospital. After three months of inpatient stay in Tampa General Hospital, he was finally stable to be transferred to inpatient rehab at Tampa General Hospital.  
Loved by all, especially his two older brothers and his parents, Shashank is looking at a long, tedious road to meaningful recovery. Although the care that he received from the excellent medical and rehab teams has allowed life to exist in his once strong but now frail body, the task of nurturing him back to independence is quite hard. His two loving older brothers and his parents are giving it their all. The MMTB community has put in their effort as well.
A medical care unit specializing in traumatic brain injury is the best option Shashank can hope for to make a meaningful recovery. His parents, family and MMTB community are asking for your help for this noble cause. Please help his dedicated, hard-working parents. Please help them not to have to sell their house and everything they've worked so hard for their entire life. All they want is to see their son regain some of what he had before a person selfishly took it all away from him in one split second.
Every bit helps and if everyone could donate something, maybe Shashank will have a chance to gain independence once again, the beautiful spirit he possessed previously."


Your support and help will be appreciated ! Our donation goal is $100K.


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