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MMTB Preferred Caterer

Namaskar Mandali,


MMTB hosts dinner for all of their cultural events held throughout the year. Preserving Maharashtrian culture is one of the main objectives of MMTB. Having Maharashtrian menu for dinner is always what we aim for. Being far from our home country always pose a challenge for us in getting the required authentic maharashtrian items as a part of menu. Also, sometimes our taste buds which are used to the authentic Maharastrian cuisine strive for that perfect taste!


To bring the best & the tastiest Maharastrian food for every MMTB Event, MMTB would like to call for nominations to be a "MMTB Preferred Caterer" for upcoming MMTB events.

Q: What is "MMTB Preferred Caterer" & what it means?

A: "MMTB Preferred Caterer" will have first look at the finalized menu & will be given a priority to submit quotes for catering at the MMTB Event for the decided menu. Upon selection as "MMTB Preferred Caterer" you will be called for providing a Quote for food at the upcoming MMTB Event. The menu will be decided by Executive Committee & will be published to all the preferred caterers & a deadline will be given to submit the quotes. Upon being shortlisted you will be informed & EC may decide to taste the food before placing the final order.

Q: What is the criteria to nominate for "MMTB Preferred Caterer"?


i)    Have catered for a mid or large (Min 100ppl) event in past at least 1year (Mandatory)

ii)   Prior experience of catering Maharastrian Cuisine (Mandatory)

iii)  Have sufficient logistics to transport/deliver food to the venue in time (Mandatory)

iv)  Have sufficient infrastructure to scale up or scale down in case of any last minute increase in RSVP (Optional)

Q: If I am "MMTB Preferred Caterer" do I have to provide quote for every MMTB event?

A: No. It is not mandatory for you to provide a quote for every MMTB event. But as a preferred caterer you will be given a priority to submit a quote before MMTB looks out for any external vendor for placing an order


Q: What if my Quote is not selected by MMTB?

A: MMTB EC has right to decline the quote without any explanation. If you want to negotiate further, you can directly connect with the MMTB EC to re-negotiate the quote before deadline for it to be reconsidered.

Q: Will I be given a full/complete catering order for MMTB event?

A: It depends upon the quotes received. MMTB EC strives to bring the best food at the best prices to its members. If a particular menu needs to be split between vendors due to price or availability, MMTB EC will take decision & place split orders accordingly


Any further questions regarding this can be directed to


Please submit your entries to with below details


Email ID:

Phone Number:


Last date to submit your nominations for "MMTB Preferred Caterer" is 25th April 2017

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