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Your Support


Maayboli Melawa Tampa Bay (MMTB) is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt organization. This organization is run by volunteers. There are many ways you can volunteer for MMTB and the executive committee reaches out to all the members from time to time.



Donations In order to keep our membership fees low for past 10 years we depend on donations from our members. If you are interested in donating in cash or kind, please contact us -

Become a Volunteer

Based on current activities undertaken by MMTB here are 10 ways you can volunteer and contribute:


1. Be Inclusive

Members join MMTB volunteerily for various causes and we encourage you all to respect the diversity of the organization. Our mission is to be inclusive irrespective of language/accent/religion/caste/financial/professional/other differences and we expect the same from all of our members.


2. Join the Executive Committe (EC)

Over past ten+ years of MMTB every executive committee (EC) has made significant contributions towards advancement of MMTB. All EC members are volunteers and need help from members to carry on this important responsibility. Joining EC will help the organization carry on with the objectives and bring new ideas to the table.


3. Convince more Marathi people in Tampa Bay area to become member of MMTB

In our estimate, less than 30% families in Tampa Bay area are active members of MMTB. We seek your help in encouraging more and more Marathi/Maharashtrians to join the organization and increase are our support base to help us provide better program/services.


4. Manage MMTB Website

We are actively working towards making as our main channel for communicating with members and rest of the world. While EC members are managing this currently with some help from members, some more dedicated support to manage the website will help the organization in the long term.


5. Support Marathi School: general organization, teaching etc.

Marathi school was started in 2010 and run by volunteers. The attendance is not growing per expectation due to commute and various reasons. We believe if we start more branches in the Tampa Bay area it will benefit more students.


6. Charitable Donations

You can contribute with cash/material donations. Cash donations are tax deductible.

(Note: Membership fees is NOT tax deductible).


7. Event day setup

MMTB organizes atleast 5 events during the calendar year which are free for members. To keep the membership fees low we need volunteers to help with arrangements etc.


8. Photography and Sound System

As you can understand, this is a very critical need to keep records of our events. We have been getting excellent support from our members in this area but few more volunteers will certainly help get us more diversity!


9. Food Preparation for select events

EC reaches out to members from time to time to contribute food for annual events. This will help us keep the membership fees low as food constitutes one of our biggest expense in the annual budget.

10. Send write ups for website

MMTB is actively looking for content from its members to publish on it's website e.g. accolades for the children of members, marathi food recipes, any marathi literature which can be published on the website along with experiences of marathi individuals who have settled in Tampa.


Executive Committee members are volunteers of this organization with no financial benefits and encourage your feedback to help us improve the organization as well as stay motivated!


Note: MMTB can issue certificates to your highschool children for voluntary work that can count towards graduation requirements.

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